America Created Al-Qaeda

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group By Garikai Chengu Global Rese...

Teachings Common in every Religion

Teachings Common In Every Religion 10 Teachings Common in every Religion Give th...

Pakistan Women Cricket Team

Pakistan Women Cricket Team is among those people who driven their own prioritie...

Kaun Kitna Musalmaan Hai??

Kaun Kitna Musalmaan Hai?? The Virtues of Patience The religion of Allah Taa'la...

English Words Only They Use

Indians - English words only they use....!! Mother Promise For ages, you have al...

“Dadra”-Zeb’s message to Pakistan

"Dadra"- Zeb's Message to Pakistan.... Music Video by Umar Riaz. In the light of...

Egypt Air’s nice hijacker

Egypt Air's Nice Hijacker....!! The hijacking of the Egypt Air flight to Cyprus...

The Lahore Bombings

The Lahore Bombings AMY GOODMAN:Welcome back toDemocracy Now!, Tariq. Can you ta...

The Boy Who Fnally Made It

The Boy Who Fnally Made It. Ayaz Amir on Shahbaz Taseer..... Islamabad diary Had...

Pandit Hari Chand Akhtar

Pandit Hari Chand Akhtar About the author: Renowned Urdu Pandit Hari Chand Akhta...


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